Inktober 2018

Deep breath... I'll be participating in Inktober this year.

As is always the way just before it begins I'm full of hope and optimism that I'll be able to produce a drawing every single day for the month of October. In reality I have a busy month ahead of me and if previous years are anything to go by I'll be lucky if I do one every other day. However, I'm going in armed with the mantra "Finished, not perfect" so hopefully I can best my previous efforts, even if it's by a couple more drawings. Posts will go up (in theory) daily on my Instagram. I'll do a post-mortem blog post in November. In the meantime, if you're interested in participating here's everything you need to know.

See you in a month...

About the author

Adam Cain is a Creative Director, storyteller and visual artist from London.