Inktober 2018 — Week four

Inktober 2018 — Week four

So the last week of Inktober was a complete write-off. This is something I expected getting deeper into the month. There's only so many other things you can keep at bay until they need attention. In reality the majority of the work for the last 6 days was done the weekend after it had finished with some final touches the weekend after that. But... I finished it!

In 6 weeks whilst working full time I've essentially created a 31 page fully inked sequential story. Obviously spending 4-5 hours a day outside of work is unsustainable, but now I know what is achievable and can plan accordingly for future projects.

"Finished, not perfect" was the mantra I went to every time I caught myself sweating the details on a piece, and it served me well. It also extended to how I approached my time and expectations. Rather than packing it all in when things didn't quite go to plan I could forgive myself and move on. A skill I have when it comes to professional design work but something I often struggle to apply to my own creative work.

So what next? Immediately reclaiming my evenings and weekends to spend time with friends and family is top of the list. I might share some of the concept design work that fed into the drawings. Inktober drawings themselves I'm thinking of packaging up into a free downloadable pdf. for the shop. As for what's next for The Great Engine, only she can answer that.

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Adam Cain is a creative director, storyteller and visual artist from London.