Inktober 2018 — Week two

Inktober 2018 — Week two

Key reflections

I’m still very, very tired! Each drawing it taking approximately between 4-5 hours a day on top of my full-time job.
It's important to rest. I came down with a cold in the middle of the week, I took a couple of days off meaning I had 4 to do at the weekend. These things happen but with out any contingency (a day days already in the bag) it means I can't plan ahead for the next week as much as I'd like.
I am finding a rhythm, looking for ways to vary the compositions one day to the next.
The weekends are important. It really helped me get on top of it again.
I'm noticing my shortcomings more and more. Perhaps it's the time pressure and having to compromise so my drawing are "Finished, not perfect", but I am spotting so many errors both structurally and stylistically at the moment. I could also be getting my eye in and seeing more errors than I normally would.

Stop doing

Trying to force the narrative with the daily themes. Not every day has to drive the story on, some can just have fun with the prompt.
Getting ill.

Start doing

I still need to try and get a day ahead of pencils come the weekend.

Continue doing

Exercising. I got one run in last week before I caught my cold. Better than week 1.
Exploring new techniques.
Having fun with the character and the environment.
Writing journal entries in advance.

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Adam Cain is a creative director, storyteller and visual artist from London.