Mixes — July 2018

Mixes — July 2018

Matthew Halsall x Spiritland

Epic four and a half hour live mix here from Matthew Halsall at Spiritland this month. Halsall plays every first Wednesday of the month at Spiritland, well worth going along for.

Dauwd Solid Steel

Anyone who's listened to few Infinity City mixes knows I have a thing for Dauwd, so I was very excited to hear what he'd put together a Solid Steel mix. It's not what you'd necessarily expect, but that's no bad thing.

Andrew Weatherall - Massive Mellow Mix

A bit of a cult classic this one, an Andrew Weatherall ambient mix from back in 1993. Very little is known about it save one or two tracks.

Skee Mask Mixes

Finally a bunch of excellent mixes from Bryan Müller in his Skee Mask alias.


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