New Music — June 2018

New Music — June 2018

Prefuse 73 - Sacrifices

Ah Prefuse... I have nothing but love for Scott Herren who's produced some ground breaking records in his time, but with each new release I was struggling to find the enthusiasm I once had for his work. However his latest "Sacrifices" has hit the reset button. Subtle, textured, melancholic, surprisingly expansive in places, this is less a return to form and more a testament that artists can evolve to survive without jettisoning what made the interesting in the first place.

Leon Vynehall - Nothing Is Still

The preview tracks on Spotify certainly built anticipation, teasing an at times beatless, almost cinematic record far removed from the EPs to date. "Future Classic" is often the kiss of death for most records that show early promise, but I can't see myself putting this down for a while yet.

X-Altera - X-Altera

Some may have thought that the Bleep revival was confined to the CPU crew but Tadd Mullinix, back with a new guise X-Altera, is squarely throwing his beanie into the ring. Proving that there's more than enough room for a bit more 90's jungle/idm/techno.

Mr Finger - Cerebral Hemispheres


Kelpe - Polymar One / Two

Kelpe continues shapeshifting. After beautiful piano music of his "Boiling, Steaming and Poaching EP" he now shifts focus to polyrhythmic compositions. Owing it's sound in part to Aphex, with a pinch of Vibert and rounded off with Kelpe's understated, warm production these two EPs are fantastic, hopefully this series will close out with Polymar Three.


Adam Cain is a creative director, storyteller and visual artist from London.